From Good Cretive: "The launch of Tobermory 15 Year Old has been a long road for the distiller and Good. For CL Worlbrands it's the culmination of fifteen years worth of patience and a dual maturation process that involves shipping the oak casks back to Mull for final aging. For Good, it's been two years of research, visits, interviews, adventures, recces an finally some simple design. The culmination of our thinking was a positioning that drove all the subsequent design work. ONE OF LIFES HIDDEN TREASURES. This got to the soul of the brand, its limited availability, unique taste profile, the sunken treasure galleon in the harbour and the island of Mull itself. Everything that followed was as close to hand crafted and finished as was possible and feasible. We commissioned a new bespoke painting of the harbour by Sona Maclean for the tissue wrap. Searched for traditional printers who could emulate the clean island based look we needed for the label. Hand finished oak boxes and closure, an updated etching of the distillery by Ian MacIntosh and new brand photography by Alex Telfer. The main pack was just the beginning. Guidelines, launch and education packs, POS, merchandise, launch events, invitations, advertising and apparel have followed. The final phases of the project are now underway with our design for the new visitors centre now on site and the new website nearing completion. It's been along journey but one which has achieved the ultimate accolade, sales are booming and the islanders love it!"