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The bottle Barilla is taking to the Oscars belongs to a range of packaging devised for a new brand of functional foods rich in essential active nutrients essential for key bodily functions: Alixir. The bottle's shape for exemple is inspired by "elixir" flacons used in the past and alludes to the benefits of the drink inside. The packaging designer's aim was to maximize shelf impact, conveying distinctiveness and value via na innovative graphical solution for food products. The containers also ensure the products are recognizable and encourage daily consumption of the same (as part of an easy to adopt food programme) due to use of structural packaging directly ascribable to single product categories.

ItaliaImballaggio, n° 3 - March 2008

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Country: Italy
Year: 2007
Agency: William Murrey Hamm
User: Barilla

Designer: Richard Williams

Award: Oscar dell'Imballaggio - Sezione Speciale Comunicazione, 2008