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During a one-or-two-days trip, you always need to think about food and water for your dog.
Usually an adult dog eats once a day but drinks plenty of water.
Dognic is a project that was intended to fulfill needs, food and water, in a single container, where there is a part dedicated to the food and a part that can be refilled for water. The rounded rectangular shape is typical of dog bowls: it is a compromise between volume and ergonomics that ease the access of a dog's muzzle.
The packaging takes into account both the production point of view and the environmental impact, in fact it is made of mould-paper and can easily be recycled.

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Packaging Design Archive




Country: Italy
Year: 2011
School: Politecnico di Milano, School of Design (Milan, Italy)

Course: Packaging Design 2011, Master Degree

Lecturers: Valeria Bucchetti, with Erik Ciravegna, Sara Sanvito

Students: Michele Broggio, Giuseppe Cafarelli, Mattia De Priori, Sevgi Kes