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The workshop invited participants to come up with easly compacted, reusable paper and cardboard packaging solutions in keeping with the principles of ecodesign: it yelded interesting packaging prototypes designed to serve another function, either pratical or playful, once the telephones and modems are taken out.

The prototypes the students presented with feature a particulary interesting take on the theme of reuse, giving a second life to telephone and modem packaging. Padbox is a mousepad with a conteiner to put on the table.


reported by:

Laura Scarani




Country: Italy
Year: 2010
School: Università degli Studi di Palermo, Facoltà di Architettura (Palermo, Italy)

Students: Arnao Sergio, Arnetta Stefania, Correnti Tiziana, D’Alessandro Alberto, Scalici Sharon

Course: more E less LAB, Mobile Boxes Made of Paper and Cardboard: Multifunctional, Sustainable Packaging for Telephony Products

Professor: Paolo Ulian