On Francis Ford Coppola's new "Encyclopedia" wine packaging:

"With Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia, we have hand-selected wines from around the world to begin a journey into understanding how wine is tied to and influenced by culture. Geography, history, food and religion, to name a few, all determine how and why wine is made and enjoyed. Our winemaking team traveled to Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Argentina - five countries where wine cultivation has thrived for centuries, to choose varietals that best represent the culture and traditions of each of these storied winegrowing regions. In turn, Encyclopedia wines are proud storytellers. As most great storytellers do, Encyclopedia adds it's own spin to the story of wine. Encyclopedia pays tribute to the advancements made in the wine industry over the last two millenniums with a custom bottle shape and closure. For centuries, wine bottles were made by the local glass-blower, which ensured that each bottle was an individual piece of art. Over time the wine bottle size was determined by a long, single breath by the glass blower. (Rumors that the Encyclopedia glassblower hiccupped during the bottle-making process are unfounded.) The Encyclopedia bottle is meant to serve as a double-purpose. Fashioned after a decanter, another age-old wine instrument, the bottle's wide opening allows oxygen to accentuate the aromas and flavors of the wine inside as you pour. Since a cork stopper would be tricky considering the wide opening (can you imagine the size of the corkscrew needed to open the bottle?) we introduce our first screwcap closure. Encyclopedia, a new collection of imported wines for adventurous wine drinkers with a thirst for knowledge and a love of discovery."

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