PROJECT 7- image

New packaging for series of products designed and sent in by our friends at 29 Agency for Project 7.

From Project 7 website: "Project 7 was developed on a cold fall night 2 years ago when the thought of the 7 deadly sins came up. I began to do some research on the history and origin and had a simple thought. What if man in his selfishness instead of focusing on abstaining from the 7 sins worked to help those that were a consequence of one of these 7? What if the “glutton” in this example which I fall into regularly stopped focusing on myself and started focusing on helping those that were starving. So take that concept and spread it over what we call the 7 most critical areas of need in the world, hence the name Project 7. So then the vision started playing itself out and I needed something to help get this initiative out there. So having a consumer goods background and a heart to see real change come about this company was created. I believe like most of you, that if we spent more time helping others, we can in fact, “Change the Score."

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