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Ojon hair packaging whose product is made by organical elements.

From Design Packaging Inc. website: "Growing deep within the tropical rainforest of Central America, the Ojon tree produces nuts which yield a rare, rich, and exotic oil. When applied, this oil nourishes and hydrates the hair, restoring its natural shine and luster. Ojon Hair has developed an entire line of hair, face, and body products that utilize the restorative characteristics of this treasured plant and earth elements. Through a traditional retail setting, along with airing on the QVC shopping channel, Ojon Hair has brought their products to the masses. Features in prominent fashion and beauty magazines have provided Ojon Hair with even greater exposure.

In keeping with the natural ingredients of their products, Ojon Hair’s product packaging incorporates many organic elements. Ramie and cotton blend producing a textured, woven material for the Tawaka pouch. Dyed an earthy brown, the color mimics that of the Ojon oil paste. To achieve its opaqueness, the pouch’s screen printed logo requires 27 ink passes. Hand-frayed edges, brass grommets, and a twisted paper cord closure emphasize the pouch’s casual look.

Together, soft green and deep brown create a botanical color palette for the Tunu Elastik hairspray rigid paperboard canister. Matte lamination helps to achieve a pure feel while two strategically placed vents allow the canister to be opened with ease. Twisted paper cord is haphazardly wrapped around the lid and knotted, adding a rustic touch.

Carved from solid hardwood, the most recent addition to the program is a wooden bowl which features a custom stainless steel insert, laser engraved logo, and FDA approved food safe lacquer finish. Much like the variations between oil harvests, the hand-applied stain varies from bowl to bowl creating a truly hand-crafted appearance."