"We positioned this new brand to stand out in a saturated market through a sophisticated style combined with a good serving of whimsy" (Joel Templin, creative director of Templin Brink) Chuck Siegel has been a part of the San Francisco chocolate scene since 1987 when he started his first premium chocolate company, Attivo Confections, at the age of 25. For over seven years, Chuck dedicated himself to "recreating many of our childhood favourites with a decidedly gourmet sensibility". By setting up his own brand, Charles Chocolates, Chuck was entering the tradittionally conservative high-end confections market. He commissioned Templin Brink to create the brand identity and packaging for this very personal venture. Dedicate to using only the finest ingredients, including some of the world's best chocolates, organic herbs, fruits, and nuts, the brand needed to connote the product's premium status while also expressing the individuality of its founder. The handdrawn logo and series of patterns reflects the handmade quality of the chocolates. The richness of chocolate brown is offset by contemporary silver and a palette and a palette of approchable colors. The result is a modern, understated design architecture that connects with its discerning consumer, helping the brand to achieve tremendous visibility from day one.

Mark Hampshire, Keith Stephenson, DemoGraphics Packaging, Logos, Modena, 2007