P&G's Kandoo is a range designed to help children by teaching them healthy abits for life. Research identified thet kids are always saying "I can do it myself" - hence the empowering name, Kandoo, supported by the Pampers brand which offers parents quality reassurance. The packaging is fun and specially developed with little hands in mind, so the pump is in the form of the frog's head, offering the practical solution of being easier for children's hands to push, and the bottl eis designed to have a wide, stable base. The vibrant green and purple colour palette appeals to boys and girls alike gives a fresh appearence. Through easy-to-understand graphics, the Kandoo frog shows the kids "can do" it on their own by demonstrating the proper elements of bathroom hygiene. The three different liquid products in the range - handsoap, bodywash and shampoo - have different body shape to help distinguish them, along with fun additions to the Kandoo frog's head, like soap bubbles for shampoo or a snorkel for the bodywash.

Mark Hampshire, Keith Stephenson, DemoGraphics Packaging, Logos, Modena, 2007