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From Toyo Seikan website:
"The dominant style of can lids for soft drink and beer is the stay-on-tab (SOT) type to which users pull up the tab and push it inside the can to open nowadays. We have developed a new can lids having universal design and being environmentally friendly, means easier to open and be able to prevent separation and scattering of tabs after opening the cans.
We named this new can lids as "Z-End".
The opening mechanism of "Z-End" is as follows differing from conventional SOT. First action is picking up the tab and then pulling up the ring by putting the finger into the ring. It does not hurt the fingernail because the tab itself is very soft and the opening performed with picking up the tab. As opening is by pulling up with a finger, it is easier to open and does not require much strength. Since the tabs do not separate from the can, it can prevent tabs from scattering.
The metallic material of "Z-End" is all aluminum and as highly recyclable as the conventional can lids.
Furthermore, the Z-End has a simple resealing function and tipping over on a table does not cause leaking. It is convenient in an OA environment at offices and drinking situation in a train.
It can be used for tea, coffee, juice and other non-carbonated beverages as well. It was first adopted for green tea cans in June 2006."


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Country: Japan
Year: 2005
Producer: Toyo Seikan Kaisha, LTD