New range of seasonal food BY Angus Hyland of Pentagram: "Hyland designed the EAT identity back in 2002 and maintained a strong working relationship with the company as a consultant. In 2006 EAT came back to Pentagram to ask us to undertake an evolution of their brand communication, in order to bring the company's identity in-line with the way the marketplace had developed since the creation of their brand.Pentagram produced a communications review, which recommended adding value to the brand by refocusing EAT's tone of communication, emphasising their existing good business practices and adding a degree of flexibility to the core brand elements in order to keep the EAT identity fresh and vibrant on an ongoing basis. While EAT has been producing seasonal food for some time, it had never promoted it specifically. Working on the conclusions of the communications review, the development of packaging that enabled the launch of a seasonal food range became the key component of Pentagram's brand evolution work.Pentagram refreshed EAT's tone of voice, creating a new ‘Credo' that focused communication on the major strength of the brand: the honesty of a family business run by people with a genuine passion for real food. The new range of packaging introduces new colours into the EAT palette at three month intervals. This seasonal refresh of the identity adds flexibility and means that the look of the stores is updated at regular intervals, without diluting the core elements of the brand. It reinforces the new tone of voice by making a virtue of EAT's established business practices and emphasises EAT's commitment to "Good, fresh, uncomplicated food". The new brand guidelines are implemented by Julian Bigg at Fresh Produce."

Photography by Julian Bigg/Fresh Produce and Nick Turner.