Apparition architecture of light: a fantasy of Hundretwasser, an enamelled jewel, a precious time-worn mosaic... Architecture of light enhanced by the contrast between clear glass and the full colours of the irregular 24 carat golden tessera, with resin dyes and applied to the front of an idealised skyscraper (their outline, cut into the box, moves the sophisticated pure white die-cut with red lettering). A silver-plated metal cap incorporated into the body of the container completes the outline without interrupions, producing harmony of material. Finally, the bright red lettering endorse and stress the eccentricity of the lines. Sylvie de France has produced an ergonomic container for the new Emanuel Ungaro perfume: a masterpiece, a caket capable of both enclosing and emanating the seductive vibrations of unpredictable and glitetring feminility. That, transformed by desire, reveals itself in a vision.

ItaliaImballaggio n.3 March 2005