Brand and label first and foremost allude to the cultural background of the product, conjuring up its origins. In particular the new brand combines taste with naturalness, tradition and craftwork while at the same time communicating an idea of contemporariness and design. The image devised for umbrian monovarietal oil features a strong lettering, drawing its historic roots from the area, though purified and simplified to make it immediately percrivable and recognisable.

Note: This project is the rsult of the design thesis by Benedetta Terenzi (who attained her degree with full marks November 2005 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Università degli Studi, Florence) with the title "Umen: the gold of Umbria; system of containers for valorising traditional monovarietal oils"

ItaliaImballaggio nr 9, Settembre 2006

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Country: Italy
Year: 2005
School: Università degli Studi di Firenze, Faculty of Architecture (Florence, Italy)

Designer: Benedetta Terenzi

Professor: Alessandro Ubertazzi