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For the third edition of Monaco Luxe Pack Design Award, inspired by the subject "Celebration in Monaco", young designers have been invited to create an elegant mineral water bottle, designing structure, closure system, finish and graphic identity of the proposed brand. The bottle created by Francesco Mansueto will represent Italy at the Monaco Luxe Pack Design Award 2005, the international competition aimed at young designers, created and organized by the Principality of Monaco and by Salone Luxe Pack, under the Patronage of his Highness the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. Runner up the Italian finalist Francesco Mansueto. His "B'eau - Eau minerale naturelle" in an object that can be made on an industrial scale, simple and at the same time of great aesthetic impact. The water is contained in a transparent glass form that shows its contents, yet the bottle can be freely personalized with imaginative covers.

ItaliaImballaggio n. 1-2 January-February 2006

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Year: 2005

Designer: Francesco Mansueto

Award: Monaco Luxe Pack Design Award 2005