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Pact is a quickset packaging that is not simply designed to preserve and sell the soil and seeds of a future plant, only to eventually become waste.  Instead it continues to be useful and in fact "alive" itself as it continues to sustain and give life.
Pact is made of a strong and flexible film that contains both earth and seed; upon opening, what once was mere packaging now becomes a "pot", from which will spring up a plant which will need further care.
It is with "care" in mind that Pact wants to promote an action to found a more hospitable environment by choosing the plants that are often neglected and left out of gardens, but that are nonetheless indispensable to the health of the ecosystem.
The plants that grow in residual spaces, in the cracks in the walls, in the spaces among urban buildings, are the plants that Pact shelters.  In doing so Pact strives to approach diversity with wonder, recognizing in these plants their forgotten utility and rediscovering their beauty.
This is a choice that broadens everyone's attention, making it possible to grasp the unpredictable exuberance of Nature that acts impartially whether in the centre or the outskirts of town, bringing to life - what landscapists like Gilles Clément call - the "Worldwide Garden".


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Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Agency: studiotonino
Producer: Goglio Cofibox

Designer: studiotonino with Carlotta Manzeni