A wine with a human face. Annalisa Botter, in charge of the Quality System of the homonymous wine concern, selected the Chardonnay Pinot Grigio; Alessandro Botter, the coordinator of the ecology team, appeard instead on Sangiovese, while Nero d'Avola displays the caricature of Luca Botter, the export manager of the family business. The idea is a loyalty strategy based on the close friendship and trust with the consumer in existence since the Venetian wineshop was founded in 1928. The "media" of the caricatures are the Tetra Prisma Aseptic polylaminate cardboard containers devised by Tetra Pak, chosen because they are suitable for conveying Botter's graphics and are also extremely ergonomic. And the protection factor is still remembered: aseptic products stored in the polylaminated container can be preserved for a long time at ambient temperature, as the PE guarantees a barrier against microorganisms and the aluminium protects the contents from air, light and external agents.

ItaliaImballaggio N. 9 September 2007