Cables and plugs on show: The new blister of the Bandridge Premium cable and plug line for electronic audio and video appliances bears the name of Flex/the Innovationlab (Delft NL design agency). Playing on shape, graphics and organization of the inner space, the Dutch company has managed to create a distinctive pack, combining hi-tech rigour with a lively and original appearance. What strikes one is first and foremost the asymmetrical edge of the blister, but the separation of plugs and cables in two separate chambers is also highly effective - highlighting the painstaking design of the electronic components. The cable section and the back of the pack allows extensive space for product communication - featuring a totem image of an animal on the front label, that identifies and symbolises the various product references. Changing wine Italy takes all - At the International Packaging Competition, promoted by Vinitaly to award the most beautiful bottle, Italy excelled for quality, design and image, practically winning all the awards. 227 samples were entered, spread over the categories laid down in the regulations (focussed on packaging of white wines, naturally sweet and liqueur wines, reds and rosés, spumante fermented in autoclave or bottle, spirits) coming from Argentina, Costa Rica, France, Portugal, Spain, the US and Switzerland and naturally from Italy. In the wine category, the jury - this year presided over by Italian film director Lina Wertmuller - assigned the Label of the year award to the Sicilian Igt Negrello Mascalese Merlot Vajasindi Lavico 2003, Duca di Salaparuta (Casteldaccia, PA), while the special award for coordinated image went to Mesa Sas of Sant Anna Arresi (CA). The special Packaging award for the wine category went to F.lli Gancia & C. from Canelli (AT), the award for the spirits - liquor category, going to the Distilleria Bottega Srl of Castello Roganzuolo (TV). Good news from the other world In turn the Gran Vinitaly award, much-sought-after acknowledgement assigned by the most selective Winemaking Competition in the world has - for the first time ever - gone to Australia. The Wyndham Estate of Rowland Flat in fact won the Special Award, thus achieving entry into the shows golden ledger. The prize is an award of great prestige, because it is assigned to the company that has totalled the highest score out of two wines awarded with medals in different groups.

ItaliaImballaggio N.5 May 2007

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Country: Italy
Year: 2007