"Very sustainable milk packaging that has light weight, can be flattened completely easily after use and is made from a very environmental plastic known as calcium based plastic. This packaging is about 75% more sustainable then current milk packaging
The task consisted in designing what the milk bottle or milk packaging of the future would look like and why this would appeal to the modern consumer.
The volume of the pack was a choice however the product had to be fresh white milk, not flavoured milk.
The following areas may be considered:

Functionality in use at home/work or in the fridge.
Remember that milk today is chilled during transportation and through the supply chain.
‘Reduce, re-use, recycle.'
Sustainable design and materials."


http://www.behance.net/gallery/Next- Generation-Milk-Packaging/3740059

reported by:

Diego Stefani




Country: Australia
Year: 2012

Designer: Stacey Murphy

Awards: First Prize for brief I Next Generation Packaging; First Prize for Overall Environmental Design