Narani Kannan: "When designing my package and graphics I wanted to have maximum shelf impact. I wanted to attract and target consumers as they walk down an aisle full of milk packages to motivate them and pick up Gotta Moo's package. My goal was to incorporate fresh bold and lucid colors and also maintain the current color palette for milk flavors. Each carton has large readable text with fun, tasty and mouth-watering words, which describes milk as a enjoyable nutritious beverage, but also educates consumers about its packaging and how it benefits the environment.
Gotta Moo focuses on the most eco-friendly method for milk packaging. This greener milk packaging solution will be made out of Sugarcane Bagasse molded pulp paper, coated inside with sugarcane lignin and printed with vegetable based inks, all based on food safe materials. Bagasse is an annually renewable plant resource and is compostable and recyclable. This can replace plastic and plastic coated packaging, which is currently used in the food/beverage industry today. This packaging solution does not rely on oil extraction and it also minimizes green house gas emissions. This new molded pulp milk packaging solution could be an eco-friendly vision of the future."