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Lightweight packaging is the approach Ecolean has taken to saving nature's resources. Saving resources is no longer just a matter of looking at the waste end of a package life cycle. Equally important are the resources used at its beginning. Ecolean uses less raw material from the start. By using a minimal amount of material we create a lightweight package which combine low environmental impact with consumer convenience.
Our packaging material is called CalymerTM, part plastic part chalk, one of nature's own materials. No chemical processes are necessary to extract it and only limited energy is required in the production.
CalymerTM consists of 40% (by weight) calcium carbonate and of plastic binding agents (PE and PP). The calcium carbonate provides CalymerTM with strength and stiffness, the binding agent toughness and flexibility.
After disposal the package can either be material recycled as plastics or recovered as energy by incineration.
Our packaging material comes with a full Food Contact Approval Certificate.
The Ecolean material is not biodegradable. The environmental benefits of the package is the minimal material used, see the Environment pages for more information.
In our wide range of different packages, Ecolean Base stands out for its unique handle. The convenience is different compared to other packages on the market. Instead of the air-filled handle, Ecolean Base has two holes to pour easily the contents of the pack.