Freedom Foods is a signatory of the National Packaging Covenant (NPC).
What this means is that we have signed up to be a part of a voluntary agreement dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of packaging.
Yello's redesign of Freedom Foods was to reposition it from allergen food to better food for everybody. Even though it was a bold move, the agency made sure existing buyers would still recognize the primary equities of the brand. The aim was to simply demonstrate to consumers that there is an alternative and uncover what people are really eating.
"Through understanding Freedom Foods, we developed their philosophy (honest, nutritious and free) and expressed their story through an engaging identity. The identity is a daisy chain illustration of their process and the care they take in growing and handling ingredients to delivering great quality with the benefits of eating and feeling better.
To communicate a better type of food we visually demonstrated the difference (salt/sugar/artificial additives etc.) comparing it to the leading brands and letting people make a clear and better choice.
Our design strategy was to create a system that was bold, friendly and familiar but clearly differentiated against the mainstream brands instore and across all touchpoints." - Yello brand

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