STAND UP!- image

Designed by Kevin Wang, a recent BFA graphic design graduate from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. "This project is aimed to help homeless individuals in New York City to get back on their feet. Rather than simply giving them cash or food, this Stand Up Package also educates and leads them to recieve further help. This idea came to me one day as I was researching on homelessness in NYC - There are so many organizations out there trying to solve this problem, but they're all online, and homeless people hardly have access to the internet, so how would they ever find out about all these information? The result is this package conatining as much as what I could find after months of research. The three catagories are food, shelter, and who to call. Along with the sandwich is a booklet that introduces different soup kitchens around the city and their hours of operation. With the thermal blanket comes a booklet that contains all information on different homeless shelters and projects. Last but not least is a simple subway map, a $10 Metrocard and a $5 phone card. The booklet that goes with this one contains all of the different organizations' phone numbers. For the ones that may be too far to travel to, he/she could make a call first to ask for information, etc. Pages from all three booklets can also be torn out to keep as business cards."