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Eat&Go is a ready meal for students. It's a packaging for sandwiches and soups that need to be eaten on the go.
Packaging is a plastic tube which is constructed as bellows and could be easily folded down decreasing the length of the tube (like bending section of a drinking straw). With this packaging it's possible to eat the sandwich without getting your hands dirty. Empty packaging when fully folded is very small and easily fits into a pocket. Plastic cap consents to securely close an unfinished meal and eat or in case of soup drink it later.
To distinguish between the flavors and ingredients there are emoticons, which are widely used in messaging by the target consumer group. Emoticons successfully convey the idea of students' fast paced lifestyle which is matched by the Eat&Go packaging design and product. 


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Country: Russia
Year: 2013
School: Brithish Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow

Authors: Olga Gambaryan, Diana Gibadulina, Alexander Kischenko, Andronik Poloz

Art Directors: British Higher School of Art & Design