The Modena balsamic vinegar, a typical and traditional Italian product, is divided here into six small vials in order to communicate the value of a unique content that is losing importance in the original common packaging.
The vials are different depending on the content, this diversity is based on the cap: the woods are different depending on the aroma of vinegar. For a more clear differentiation then appear on the vials in screen printing the six symbols related to the wood in which the product has been aged.
The secondary packaging is clean and elegant: white and geometric lines allow to focus on supports, materials and finishes, the object of our study.

Project developed for the international student competition "Remarkable Packagings & Alternatives" within the "Emballage" packaging exhibition (Paris, November 19-22, 2012).

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Packaging Design Archive




Country: Italy
Year: 2012
School: Politecnico di Milano, School of Design (Milan, Italy)

Course: Packaging Design 2012, Master Degree

Lecturers: Valeria Bucchetti, Erik Ciravegna, with Deborha Dal Degan

Students: Pietro Bonura, Alice Brovelli, Francesca Guerinoni, Michela Locatelli