ECO LEAN- image

The EcoLean bottle saves weight and volume in transport, while its chalk and plastic polymer substrate is for more environmentally sound compared to traditional plastics. The design started with EcoLean, a Swedish company specialising in 100 per cent recyclable packaging. The EcoLean jug is made from calcium carbonate (chalk) and a polymer to bind the chalk together to make a strong yet supple sheet plastic. The manufacture process is much more energy efficient, cutting CO2, and the end products weight far less than rival cartons or bottles, making distribution more environmentally sound. Teresa Roivas complemented the product with a simple, sophisticated design that is instantly striking, but uses a limited colour palette and ink coverage to cut wasteful overuse of inks. This minimalist style is typical of Roviras. "I used to think I had a very lazy brain", she says. "I only came up with really simple ideas; what I felt was maybe too simple. But as I tried to find the easiest way out, that action enabled me to self-edit, which ultimately resulted in stronger design solutions. By removing the excess, I end up with the minimum elements I need to comunicate. After than, it's simply a matter of composing these elements to create the most impact". This ethos does more than produce a striking end product - the 'less is more' approach is also vital to creating environmentally friendly packaging.

Arts Project Packaging Design N.109 - april 2008