Y WATER- image

Fun water for children Founded in 1999 by Yves Béhar, Fuse Project has worked with BMW, HP, Nike and Microsoft, and won more than 50 awards. Y Water - a children's drink - is packed with vitamins and minerals and the ingredients are certified organic. As the company explains, "Not only are the bottles 100 per cent recyclable, they are 100 per cent reusable as a creative development aid". These organic, low calorie drinks are full of vitamins and minerals, with names such as Muscle Water, Bone Water, Immune Water, and Brain Water to convey their healthy attributes. Y Water were designed to be used by kids as building blocks for creative play when they're empty, so, as well as being 1'' per cent recyclable, they can also be reused.

Arts Project Packaging Design N.109 April 2008