CAT FUEL- image

The new package is a cardboard tube that can easily be stacked and transported.
The outside of the container has an opening that guarantees the visibility of the single doses. The lower part of the tube can be removed to access the 7 single PP containers of cat food that guarantee a correct diet for the cat.
On the back of the tube there are instructions and information for a healthy diet for your cat, and on the front of the package one can see the ingredients that relate to each one of the singe dose.
The single doses are numbered and can be easily opened by pulling on the two pulling two tabs: one tab on top, removed first, and a smaller one on the bottom that allows the extraction of the content thanks to the air entering the package through a small hole.

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Packaging Design Archive




Country: Italy
Year: 2011
School: Politecnico di Milano, School of Design (Milan, Italy)

Course: Packaging Design 2011, Master Degree

Lecturers: Valeria Bucchetti, with Erik Ciravegna, Sara Sanvito

Students: G. Galimberti, I. Ignazzi, R. Lavezzari, D. Lupo, L. Previdoli, M. Somerville