Rabbit Hole is a multifunctional packaging for dwarf rabbit.
Watching the characteristics and the alimentary habits of the rabbit, we arrived to the conclusion that the principal food in the everyday nutrition it is the straw. For this reason we considered necessary to use this material as food, and also as the real packaging. The packaging is made up of a compressed straw cylinder, that contains seven single-dose portions (pellet and straw), needed for the rabbit nutrition.
The visual communication (the brand image, the nutritional information and the use information) is located in a wrapper of carton that cover the straw cylinder vertically and also work as a cap. The packaging can be opened grabbing the cap, and later it (the cap) can be used to close the cylinder.

reported by:

Packaging Design Archive




Country: Italy
Year: 2011
School: Politecnico di Milano, School of Design (Milan, Italy)

Course: Packaging Design 2011, Master Degree

Lecturers: Valeria Bucchetti, with Erik Ciravegna, Sara Sanvito

Students: Vincenzo Centinaro, Riccardo Croco, Shu Jiang, Serena Lambertoni, Selen Sariel