Delicious designs ALM Project is run by Andrea Lenardin Madden, whose are influenced by the architecture and culture of Vienna where she grew up. Her work includes designs for Spinkles Cupcakes and LA's Konsum Museum. The company produced the branding, packaging design and shop architecture for Paulette. "We developed an overall vision, keeping the spotlight on the macaron: tha star of the snow. Intrigued by the iconic shape of the macaron, we started to design its environment by designing the logo's 'tt' emblem and its abstraction into a side view of the macaron" explains Madden. The colours of all the macarons in the shop's display are complemented by the colour of the gift boxes displayed as a block, while the side of the box shows a row of abstracted macarons in different hues.

Arts Project Packaging Design N.109 - april 2008

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Country: USA
Agency: Delicious Design
User: Paulette
Designer: Andrea Lenardin Madden