LATTINA- image

"Lattina" is a packaging concept that reinterprets the traditional anonymous milk container so that it can convey a message too often forgotten: milk is a biological and natural product.
The solution is a small version of a traditional milk can, capable to raise awareness around issues like the importance of drinking biological milk, produced in not-intensive herds. The can is wrapped by a paper strip containing some brief information (such as where the milk has been produced or why it is important to drink biological milk).


reported by:

Alessandro Dallafina




Country: Italy
School: Politecnico di Milano, School of Design (Milan, Italy)

Course: Open Lectures, Communication Design Master Degree, 2009-2010

Lecturer: Luigi Marcello Ciccognani

Students: Alessandro Dallafina, Francesco Faggiano, Dario Migneco, Stefano Greco, Paolo Ottavian