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The "Arecibo" project was inspired by the famous Arecibo message, sent in space during the opening ceremony in Puerto Rico in November 16th, 1974. This code transmits some information about earth, the solar system and the elementary particles. It can be developed along a quadrilateral where 1679 binary digits graphically organize signs which can be decoded (by any possible inhabitant from the Hercules Globular Cluster M13) 25.000 light-years far away.

The Triennale Design Museum, presented "Message on the bottle", a project of OnDesign, the design and communication agency headed by the Italian-German designer duo Francalma Nieddu and Olav Jünke. They invited their designer friends around the world to put a personal message on the bottle as a label or in any form they liked. The resulting works had been presented to the public at the Triennale DesignCafè in Milan on bottles of biodynamically grown Barbera and gave wines from Piedmont's La Raia wine cellar, after winning a European Design Award in Stockholm with their "wine for you" design, an emblem of the exhibition. The design is a modern reinterpretation of the message in a bottle theme, featuring not a letter, but a fine wine.



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Packaging Design Archive




Country: Italy
Year: 2007
Agency: Nucleo Design

Designers: Piergiorgio Robino & Stefania Fersini