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Cart-One is a new eco-compatible cardboard container extremely versatile for different refuse types. Thanks to its lightness, it can be used in any place and under any circumstances; it is ergonomic and easy to assemble and stands out for its appealing appearance. It can be customized with flex printing and can be adopted individually or paired in sequence. The container is composed of a foldable parallelepiped with die-cut handles that make it easy to move and lift, an hook-on bottom made from microtriple KMFMK 24242 EB corrugated cardboard. The lid (made of low corrugated KSK 363 Bx cardboard) is anchored to the drum and hooks on; refuse is inserted through two symmetrical holes on the sides.

ItaliaImballaggio, n°10 Ott 2009,

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Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Agency: Boscolo Design Partners
Producer: Mattiussi Ecologia