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From FineH2O brochure:
"Iskilde is a spring with unusual properties. It was found in 2002 centrally in the Mossø Reservation area, between Yding Skovhøj, which until recently was believed to be the highest point in Denmark – and Mossø Lake.
The reservoir of the spring lies more than 50 meters below the ground, but the water is under so much pressure, that it would reach the surface as a fountain, if left on its own. The fact that the water-reservoir is under such pressure means that it is closed for penetration of new water. This is probably one of the reasons why the water is so pure.
Ground water in Denmark has an average temperature of between 8 and 12 degrees all year round. With a temperature of below 8 degrees, Iskilde is an unusually cold spring.
Many classical mineral water springs were sparkling with natural carbon dioxide. One of the reasons why these springs became popular in the first place is likely to be the conserving and disinfecting properties of the carbon dioxide. Maybe this is why it has become a tradition to add carbon dioxide to mineral waters which didn’t contain it naturally. Adding acidic carbon dioxide and bubbles to the water gives it a very distinct character which to many people is the quintessence of a mineral water. The product is distinctly different from anything you can get at your tap.
The sparkling version of Iskilde is impregnated with carbon dioxide at a pressure of just one bar. This provides it with a light and tender sparkle – enough to tickle and tease your tongue but not so much that it interferes with the sweet and clean nature of the water.
Oxidizing the water is enhancing the natural taste of the water. The oxygen is carefully bubbled through the water prior to bottling. Enough oxygen is added to make the concentration correspond to six times (estimated) the level of oxygen in a cold mountain stream."


reported by:

Ornella Leone




Country: Denmark
Year: 2008

Designer: Jesper Mathiesen

Water Innovation Award - 2008