Ice cream by Jun Fei for Nestlè, illustrate images of animal gures. Functionally the packaging carrying the ice cream. The packaging uses an easy - opening system of the container, that we can easily take off the plastic top from the cup. The important thing is the communication which illustrate different animal gures as a toy. Comes with a gure model of the body with spring that lets peel out and stick the ice cream cup on it. Changing it into a bobbler head gure. A sustainable ice cream cup which reuse the packaging as a toy. An impressive communication to childrens who really likes to play and eat sweet things too. The sorbet ice cream has four avors in four different cups: banana, strawberry, mint, mango.
The colors of the packagings depends on the falvors: brown, red, green and orange. The gures are also different in each package. The packaging doesn't contains a lots of written informations. This packaging is absolutely for childrens and teens. Childrens likes the images and this packaging contains almost just colorful images. This is a smart communication to childrens, which is very simple but effective way advertising to children.