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Gloji won the Gold Pentaward in the 2008, in the Soft Drinks + Juices. Gloji is an antioxidant power drink which is made from the ripest of goji berries, harvested in the traditional Tibetan manner of shaking rather than picking from the trees, ensuring each berry is fully in-tact prior to pressing. The fruit is then hand-wash and pasteurized before being fed through the fresh press centrifudge in order to capture the pure juice of each berry. All done in Tibet before being shipped to the US for bottling. The unusual light bulb shaped bottle is a nice reference to the energy-giving properties of the drink. Gloji came in 2 type of avors, Gloji Mix and Goji Gold.


reported by:

Alberto Ghirardello, Francesca Macchia Caputo, Savino Musciagna, Irene Sartor




Award: Gold Pentaward 2008