IISI- image

Iisi is an extremely simple and functional package. Opening is easy and the place where the package should be opened is clearly marked. After opening, Iisi can also be easily closed. Iisi commendably utilises the exibility of carton. Iisi's triangular shape decreases the need to use force when handling the package and simultaneously forms a spout at the front edge of the package. Iisi is well suited for our, akes, bran and rice.

http://www.packlab.eu/?p=644 http://www.packlab.eu/?cat=70

reported by:

M. Brambilla, M. Cuono, V. Moraca, C. Perrozzi, P. Zirottu




Country: Finland
Year: 2009
School: Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design, PACKLAB (Lahti, Finland)

Students: Ilari Laitinen & Nikolo Kerimov

Awards: Easy To Open Invention Competition 1st Prize
Packaging Mid Sweden Award, 2009