There were three winning design teams in the Swedish Aluminium Packaging Awards 2007 which took part in this important Nordic design competition. Two companies took 2nd and 3rd place but it was students Thomas Åkerfelt and Juho Viironen from the Lahti Institute of Design's Packlab department who took the overall prize. The winners have impressed the professional jury with innovative and highly attractive packaging solutions, addressing at the same time topical issues such as reuse and sustainability. The gingerbread packaged in an airtight container, which at the same time works as a form when making the cookies is a dream for the person with a limit amount of time. An attractive and graphically pregnant solution that probably never has to be recycled. This conceptual piece of product packaging not only holds the content of gingerbread dough but also oers a secondary function as an iconic seasonal mould. It is manufactured by pressing from an aluminium sheet, similar to the method of production of a drinking can.
When being empty the packaging is stackable.


reported by:

M. Brambilla, M. Cuono, V. MOraca, C. Perrozzi, P. Zirottu




Country: Finland
Year: 2007
School: Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design, PACKLAB (Lahti, Finland)

Course: Packlab

Students: Thomas Åkerfelt and Juho Viironen

Awards: The Swedish Aluminium Packaging Design Award 2007