PATES- image

From Professor Sylvain Allard's blog: "One should always be very careful not to do general implementation based on ethnic characteristics. Still there are some that are easy to do like: the running belonging to Africans, cycling to the Europeans, car design to the Germans, gastronomy to the French etc. Mind you there are still tones of exceptions to challenge that, like the famous Finland runner Paavo Nurmi, American cyclist Lance Armstrong, Swedish car Volvo and Italian cuisine.
That being said, when Yuan Gao presented me this beautiful package in my Paris workshop, I couldn't help but thinking that package design really belongs to the Asians. This virtuoso pasta package is built on a bellows system adjusting the box to its content. Once the box gets its minimal size, it is suggested to give the rest of the pastas to the community. The typography stretches and the initial word «pasta » becomes «pastas are made to be shared»."