PATRUSS- image

"Pattruss" (Mito Saien patent) was designed to keep vegetables fresh. The lm creates a three-dimensional form that can withstand pressure. Opened easily at the center, the unsealed packaging converts into a boat-shaped tray that holds the contents. Materials that serve as both packaging and as a dish to hold the opened product oer consumers greater convenience. Moreover, it’s almost weightless, allowing easy transport and storage, thus saving energy and resources. After opening, the package remains useful: It becomes a nice boat-shaped dish with its contents ready to serve. An amazing idea with great potential: the awarded concept also received a special prize for “Small and Medium Enterprises.”


reported by:

M.Brambilla, M.Cuono, V.Moraca, C.Perrozzi, P.Zirottu




Country: Japan
Year: 2007
Agency: Ambalaj Design Studio

Awards: Good Design Award 2007