Cascade is Foster's third-largest beer brand and is brewed in Australia's oldest brewery at the base of Mount Wellington in Tasmania. The Cascade beer portfolio-made up of two premium beers (lager and light) and three craft beers (blonde, pale ale, and stout)-was fragmented and lacked visual consistency. Cascade's portfolio volume was also dominated by Cascade Premium Light, which was competing in a declining market. On the whole, Cascade had lost relevance in the competitive premium beer category and needed to redefine itself as a more contemporary, unified brand.
Landor's task was to create a new brand positioning and architecture for Cascade, allowing for the development of a clear master brand strategy that would be implemented across the portfolio. The challenge was to give Cascade a contemporary look and feel and to ensure that the brand continued to embody its uniqueness through all touchpoints. From Landor this required a deep understanding of-and passion for-the Cascade brand and premium beer category combined with a highly creative design strategy and execution.
From the heart of the brand essence-untamed soul-Landor and the Cascade team reclaimed the Tasmanian tiger as the leading icon for the brand. The tiger provided clarity for Cascade and a direction for all aspects of design-bottle and can graphics and structure, secondary packaging, guidelines, and point-of-sale and merchandising collateral. Portfolio alignment was achieved through a master brand approach that created a unified visual identity eliminating the brand's fragmentation. Landor also used on-premise merchandise to lay the foundation for future brand building. In 2008, the design was recognized with an Australian Packaging Award.


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Country: Australia
Year: 2008
Agency: Landor Associates

Awards: 2008 Australian Packaging Award