ADELINA- image

A brand created by 2 young, talented and highly educated wine makers. ‘The young will master the old’, relating to the young wine makers mastering the art of wine making (methodology that dates back centuries). Mash sourced renaissance paintings, depicting two young children who appear to have maturity and wisdom beyond their age; the girl and boy in the chosen image are only 5 to 6 years old. These 2 figures representing Colin and Jen, the founders of Adelina.
The design combines the new with the old. 4 colour printing on tissue paper, covering the entire bottle, to provide maximum shelf appeal, next to the majority of paper labels. The bottles were wax dipped to add to the romance and to reflect the old ways of wine packaging. The labels are purposefully understated and simple to create contrast with the tissue wrap; typography bringing these two elements into harmony with each other.