Crumbs Foods (Contashe Food Marketing) Packaging was designed by Folk Creative in London.

"The Client
Crumbs is produced by Contashe Food Marketing, an innovative food company that is set to reverse the decline in the UK savoury pastry market. Crumbs sets impeccable standards of quality, environmental sustainability, product choice and taste.

The Challenge
To immediately make a dramatic impact on the food industry.
To establish an immediately recognisable brand.
To continue this identity through to a quirky, interactive website.

The Solution
Folk decided to adopt a bold strategy to sear the Crumbs brand on to the public consciousness. Using innovative, eye-catching, eco-friendly packaging that made the product immediately stand out, we created a stir on the shelves from the outset.We utilised a bright colour palette and propaganda style typography to grab the attention of consumers.We devised a series of quirky stories involving the ingredients of each product which we then printed on the inside of the packaging to further intrigue consumers. We created a Crumbs "food theatre" for the website, acting out all the stories and making it a quirky interactive site which fostered brand loyalty.

The Results
The combination of genuine food innovation and some of the most eye-catching, daring and eco-friendly packaging around resulted in Waitrose enlisting the brand on an exclusive deal in 68 of its largest stores nationwide.
Crumbs has subsequently distributed widely in Sainsbury's and Waitrose.
Crumbs is now an instantly recognisable, successful force in the food industry"