TATICO- image

From Creable Studio: "We are pleased to present Tatico as a completely internal creation, a Creable baby, and a stand-alone brand that we are very proud of. We designed this brand and organic baby apparel line with the intention of bringing consciousness to parents and remind them to be inspired by the possibilities the children they've created are. We built the character of Tatico around the concept of 'simple happy,' borrowing inspiration from the idea of happiness through being, from the Tao. She's a dandelion-toting wish-maker." With the pigtails in a triple infinity loop and the charm of Tatico's peaceful expression, the logo represents the eternal child in us all. Taking the core essence of Tatico, we've translated the brand's online experience into one of subtle & snuggle simplicity. Tatico's branding, packaging and Web site designed by Creable Studio."